UsefulPro Max

Though membership is not needed to enjoy awesome service, UsefulPro offers a membership for another level of personalized service.
Unlike other home improvement service companies our Useful Promax Membership allows it members to have special access to our pros. Think of it as having a home improvement concierge.

Here is what you get:

Useful Pro Advice Mon- Friday 9:00-5:00
“In today's world of online communication, we have distanced ourselves from one on one human communication. We offer just that. When you need to speak to a service professional for advice we are there. Unlike our competitors when you buy a Promax Membership you can talk to an expert in the service field that you need ”

Inventory of home items:
A UsefulPro will visit your home and take an inventory of your:
Panel type, breakers, AC handler unit, compressor unit, roof type and plumbing fixtures, so that when you have a need we will save you time and money by having the Useful Pro’s show up with the parts they need.

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Give that someone you love the feeling of a UsefulPro